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Square Assault: Project for CodeDay in Spring 2015

Play a game of multiplayer tower defense!


Joining the game

Download the game client and launch it. Enter a username to represent you.

Note that you need a second player to join for the game to run! Once there are at least two players, you can type "/start" and the game will start. You won't be able to move around until the game starts.

Interpreting the screen

  • The meter in the upper-left corner is the number of towers you are ready to place.
  • The meter in the upper-right corner is your health. Don't let it drop to zero, or you're out!
  • You are highlighted in cyan, and your enemies are highlighted in yellow.
  • Players are squares, and towers are circles.
  • The number on each tower is its percentage of structural integrity. When it hits zero, it is destroyed!


  • Use arrow keys to move.
  • Click to place a tower, if you have any ready for placement.
  • Type to chat, and press enter to send.

Gameplay notes

  • You will get new turrets on a regular basis.
  • Turrets will automatically fire at the closest enemy.
  • You will block the bullets of your own turrets if you stand in their way!
  • Players and turrets will lose health each time they are shot. Multiple bullets mean more damage!
  • Don't blow your entire arsenal at once! Save some turrets for when you really need them.
  • Think carefully about where you place your towers. Terrain matters!


This project was created on the Spring 2015 CodeDay as an individual project after the rest of my original team abandoned the event part way through for unknown reasons.

I scraped together what was left - which was all code that I had written - and developed it into this game!

It won "Best Individual Project" and a surprising number of other attendees found it fun to play!