A Chrome/Firefox extension to help bring out hacker news' true colors
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Ancap News

"bring out Hacker News' true colors"

ELI5 / Background for the uninitiated

The general zeitgeist of Y Combinator's Hacker News forum site (at least to many of its detractors) is one of nonspecific libertarian laissez-faire capitalism, a vibe that often manifests in prioritizing economic matters and the welfare of well-financed corporate entities well before any humanistic concern.

This posture is very compatible with the basic tenets of anarcho-capitalism, often shortened to "ancap", "a political philosophy that advocates the elimination of the state in favor of self-ownership, private property, and free markets."

The black-and-yellow banner is commonly associated with ancap groups. Thus, tweaking the Hacker News top banner to match (as well as swapping the "Hacker News" text up top to read "Ancap News") is fitting, and a handy reminder of what to expect anytime you wander onto the site.

Firefox (greasemonkey) installation

Click here, and accept the installation prompt.

Chrome extension

On the Chrome Web Store, or you can download the .crx file in this repo and install it "offline".