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Add note re: incompatibility w/ CLJS 0.0-2178

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1 parent 203645a commit 54cd30045f2359f2e80565e4e21dc5a851e697af @cemerick committed Mar 24, 2014
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@@ -74,6 +74,11 @@ Austin is available in Maven Central. Add it to your `project.clj`'s list of
:profiles {:dev {:plugins [[com.cemerick/austin "0.1.4"]]}}
+**WARNING Austin is not compatible with the (currently) latest ClojureScript release.**
+([context]( Use ClojureScript `0.0-2156`
+until the a new ClojureScript release is cut that includes the resolution of the
+underlying issue.
Also, just like in Clojure development, your ClojureScript source roots must be
listed in e.g. `:source-paths` and/or `:test-source-paths` in order for
ClojureScript source files to be picked up properly. i.e. just having them

3 comments on commit 54cd300


@cemerick does this warning still apply?


No, it doesn't. See #55. I'll go remove it from the README now.


I see that "now" is somewhat relative :-)

Sorry for the bad joke. Anyway it would be great if you found the time to remove it, not to confuse new users like me. Thanks a lot!

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