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Syntax coloring preference page: make the sample editor editable

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1 parent a22f22e commit 36bc4e73c067f3cb2f2c817260cf71b3f38bd702 @laurentpetit laurentpetit committed
1  ccw.core/src/java/ccw/preferences/
@@ -698,7 +698,6 @@ public void setStatusLineErrorMessage(String you_need_a_running_repl) {
Font font= JFaceResources.getFont(org.eclipse.jdt.ui.PreferenceConstants.EDITOR_TEXT_FONT);
- fPreviewViewer.setEditable(false);
IDocument document= new Document(PREVIEW_SOURCE);
IDocumentPartitioner partitioner = new ClojurePartitioner(new ClojurePartitionScanner(),

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