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add clearer list of translations + attributions

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@@ -2,7 +2,11 @@ I designed the
-Since then, it has been translated to[Japanese],[Dutch], and[Portuguese].
+Since then, it has been translated to:
+*[Dutch] ([Michiel Borkent])
+*[Japanese] (!/omasanori[OGINO Masanori])
+*[Portuguese] ([Paulo Suzart])
I wanted to make it easier for others to produce translations of the flowchart, since it seems to be very helpful to people, especially as they are learning Clojure. Thus, I created this repo and added the original[OmniGraffle] file. I hope that, _if you know a language well_ that does not yet have a translation of the flowchart, you'll take a few minutes to produce one.

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