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+I designed the[original] _Clojure type selection_ flowchart earlier in 2011:
+Since then, it has been translated to[Japanese],[Dutch], and[Portugese].
+I wanted to make it easier for others to produce translations of the flowchart, since it seems to be very helpful to people, especially as they are learning Clojure. Thus, I created this repo and added the original[OmniGraffle] file. I hope that, _if you know a language well_ that does not yet have a translation of the flowchart, you'll take a few minutes to produce one.
+Editing the OmniGraffle file is a piece of cake, and[Omni Group] offers 14-day trials of the software that you can use to make the necessary changes.
+(The `.graffle` file is actually just XML, so it's plausible that you'd be able to perform the translation without using OmniGraffle. I'll happily perform the export to `.png` in this case.)
+=== Providing a translation
+1. Clone this repo.
+2. Copy `choosingtypeforms.graffle` to `translations/<YOUR LANGUAGE>.graffle
+3. Make the necessary changes, adding an translator attribution to the lower-right of the page and a URL for yourself if you like.
+4. Export the result as PNG to `translations/<YOUR LANGUAGE>.png`
+5. Send me a pull request.
+=== Publication
+This flowchart will be featured in an appendix in the forthcoming[_Clojure Programming_] from O'Reilly, by myself, Christophe Grand, and Brian Carper.
+[Original Clojure type selection flowchart] © 2011 Chas Emerick <[]>

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