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+# Continuous deployment of Clojure web applications
+This repo contains a sample web application and accompanying bits needed to build and deploy it (or any other Clojure web app) using
+[jclouds](, [pallet](, and [Hudson](,
+as I described at a high level in my talk at the [first Clojure Conj](
+in October, 2010.
+An accompanying screencast and slides from that talk are available
@@ -7,6 +7,6 @@
(GET "*" {:keys [uri]}
- (format "<html><p>%s</p><p>Screencasts are fun, too.</p>URL requested: %s</html>"
+ (format "<html><p>%s</p>URL requested: %s</html>"
"<b>Deploying with pallet, jclouds, and Hudson is fantastic! :-)</b>"

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