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Keep client and server in separate namespaces #4

technomancy opened this Issue · 2 comments

2 participants

Phil Hagelberg Chas Emerick
Phil Hagelberg

Leiningen pulls in drawbridge for the purposes of connecting to a drawbridge repl as a client. I'd like to add an :exclusions entry for ring since it's not needed for our purposes, but then we won't be able to load the drawbridge namespace since the client and server are in the same place.

I can do a pull request that moves ring-client-transport into the cemerick.drawbridge.client namespace if you agree.

Phil Hagelberg

Got a thumbs up in IRC.

Chas Emerick cemerick closed this issue from a commit
Phil Hagelberg technomancy Move client code to cemerick.drawbridge.client. Fixes #4.
Will need to update reply once this is pulled in.
Chas Emerick cemerick closed this in b4db70a
Chas Emerick

Merged, thanks! 0.0.4 pushed to clojars.

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