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(ns ^{:name "HTTP Basic"
:doc "Using HTTP Basic to authenticate to a Ring app"}
(:require [cemerick.friend-demo.users :refer (users)]
[cemerick.friend-demo.misc :as misc :refer (context-uri request-url github-link)]
[cemerick.friend :as friend]
(cemerick.friend [workflows :as workflows]
[credentials :as creds])
[compojure.core :refer (GET defroutes)]
[compojure.handler :refer (site)]
[ :as h]
[hiccup.element :as e]
[clojure.string :as str]))
(defroutes app*
(GET "/requires-authentication" req
(friend/authenticated (str "You have successfully authenticated as "
(def secured-app (friend/authenticate
{:allow-anon? true
:unauthenticated-handler #(workflows/http-basic-deny "Friend demo" %)
:workflows [(workflows/http-basic
:credential-fn #(creds/bcrypt-credential-fn @users %)
:realm "Friend demo")]}))
(def app (site secured-app))
(defn http-basic-page
[req footer]
(github-link req)
[:h2 (-> req :demo :name)]
[:p "Attempting to access " (e/link-to {:id "interactive_url"}
(context-uri req "requires-authentication")
"this link")
" will issue a challenge for your user-agent (browser) to provide HTTP Basic credentials. "
"Once authenticated, all the authorization options available in Friend are available to restrict the permissions of particular users."]
[:p "Please note that Chrome (and maybe other browsers) silently save HTTP Basic credentials for the duration of the session (and resend them automatically!), so "
(e/link-to (context-uri req "/logout") "logging out")
" won't work as expected."]
[:p "You can access resources requiring HTTP Basic authentication trivially in "
"any HTTP client (like `curl`) with a URL such as:"]
[:p [:code "curl "
(str/replace (str (request-url req) "/requires-authentication")
#"://" #(str % (-> @users first val :username (str ":clojure@"))))]]
(defroutes page
(GET "/" req
(http-basic-page req
[:p "You can combine this with Friend's \"channel security\" middleware to enforce the "
"use of SSL, making this a good recipe for controlling access to web service APIs."
" Head over to " (e/link-to (context-uri req "/https-basic") "HTTPS Basic")
" for a demo."])))