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(ns test-friend.http-basic
(:require [cemerick.friend :as friend])
(:use clojure.test
[cemerick.friend.workflows :as workflows :only (http-basic)]))
(deftest basic-workflow
(let [req (request :get "/uri")
auth "Basic QWxhZGRpbjpvcGVuIHNlc2FtZQ==" ; shamelessly ripped from wikipedia :-P
got-creds (atom nil)]
(is (= {:status 401, :headers {"Content-Type" "text/plain"
"WWW-Authenticate" "Basic realm=\"friend-test\""}}
(workflows/http-basic-deny "friend-test" req)))
(println "Don't worry, an exception is expected here:")
(is (= 400 (:status ((http-basic) (header req "Authorization" "BadAuthHeader")))))
(let [auth ((http-basic :realm "friend-test" :credential-fn (fn [{:keys [username password] :as creds}]
(is (= "Aladdin" username))
(is (= "open sesame" password))
(is (= :http-basic (::friend/workflow (meta creds))))
(reset! got-creds true)
{:identity username}))
(header req "Authorization" auth))]
(is @got-creds)
(is (= {:identity "Aladdin"} auth))
(is (= (meta auth) {::friend/workflow :http-basic
::friend/redirect-on-auth? false
:type ::friend/auth})))
(testing "empty usernames and passwords are per the spec"
(let [auth ((http-basic :realm "friend-test"
:credential-fn (fn [{:keys [username password]}]
(is (= "" username password))
{:identity username}))
; 0g== is (base64 ":")
(header req "Authorization" "Basic Og=="))]
(is (= {:identity ""} auth))))
(is (= {:status 401, :headers {"Content-Type" "text/plain"
"WWW-Authenticate" "Basic realm=\"friend-test\""}}
((http-basic :realm "friend-test" :credential-fn (constantly nil))
(header req "Authorization" auth))))))
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