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(ns cemerick.friend.workflows
(:require [cemerick.friend :as friend]
[cemerick.friend.util :as util]
[ring.util.request :as req])
(:use [clojure.string :only (trim)]
[cemerick.friend.util :only (gets)])
(:import org.apache.commons.codec.binary.Base64))
(defn http-basic-deny
[realm request]
{:status 401
:headers {"Content-Type" "text/plain"
"WWW-Authenticate" (format "Basic realm=\"%s\"" realm)}})
(defn- username-as-identity
(if (:identity user-record)
(assoc user-record :identity (:username user-record))))
(defn make-auth
"Given a user record map (presumably based on data loaded from an
application's database), returns an authentication map that:
* Uses the :identity or :username slot in the user record as
the authentication map's :identity
* Optionally merges the given auth-meta map into the authentication
map's metadata (which by default will contain a single
[:type :cemerick.friend/auth] entry"
([user-record] (make-auth user-record {}))
([user-record auth-meta]
(vary-meta (username-as-identity user-record)
merge {:type ::friend/auth} auth-meta)))
(defn http-basic
[& {:keys [credential-fn realm] :as basic-config}]
(fn [{{:strs [authorization]} :headers :as request}]
(when (and authorization (re-matches #"\s*Basic\s+(.+)" authorization))
(if-let [[[_ username password]] (try (-> (re-matches #"\s*Basic\s+(.+)" authorization)
^String second
(.getBytes "UTF-8")
(String. "UTF-8")
(#(re-seq #"([^:]*):(.*)" %)))
(catch Exception e
; could let this bubble up and have an error page take over,
; but basic is going to be used predominantly for API usage, so...
; TODO should figure out logging for widely-used library; just use tools.logging?
(println "Invalid Authorization header for HTTP Basic auth: " authorization)
(.printStackTrace e)))]
(if-let [user-record ((gets :credential-fn basic-config (::friend/auth-config request))
^{::friend/workflow :http-basic}
{:username username, :password password})]
(make-auth user-record
{::friend/workflow :http-basic
::friend/redirect-on-auth? false
::friend/ensure-session false})
(http-basic-deny realm request))
{:status 400 :body "Malformed Authorization header for HTTP Basic authentication."}))))
(defn- username
[form-params params]
(or (get form-params "username") (:username params "")))
(defn- password
[form-params params]
(or (get form-params "password") (:password params "")))
(defn interactive-login-redirect
[{:keys [form-params params] :as request}]
(let [param (str "&login_failed=Y&username="
( (username form-params params)))
^String login-uri (-> request ::friend/auth-config :login-uri (#(str (:context request) %)))]
(str (if (.contains login-uri "?") login-uri (str login-uri "?"))
(defn interactive-form
[& {:keys [login-uri credential-fn login-failure-handler redirect-on-auth?] :as form-config
:or {redirect-on-auth? true}}]
(fn [{:keys [request-method params form-params] :as request}]
(when (and (= (gets :login-uri form-config (::friend/auth-config request)) (req/path-info request))
(= :post request-method))
(let [creds {:username (username form-params params)
:password (password form-params params)}
{:keys [username password]} creds]
(if-let [user-record (and username password
((gets :credential-fn form-config (::friend/auth-config request))
(with-meta creds {::friend/workflow :interactive-form})))]
(make-auth user-record
{::friend/workflow :interactive-form
::friend/redirect-on-auth? redirect-on-auth?})
((or (gets :login-failure-handler form-config (::friend/auth-config request)) #'interactive-login-redirect)
(update-in request [::friend/auth-config] merge form-config)))))))
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