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(ns test-friend.mock-app
(:require [cemerick.friend :as friend]
(cemerick.friend [workflows :as workflows]
[credentials :as creds])
[cheshire.core :as json]
[robert.hooke :as hooke]
[hiccup.core :as hiccup]
[ring.util.response :as resp]
(compojure [handler :as handler]
[route :as route]))
(:use [compojure.core :as compojure :only (GET POST ANY defroutes)]))
(def page-bodies {"/login" "Login page here."
"/" "Homepage."
"/admin" "Admin page."
"/user/account" "User account page."
"/user/private-page" "Other ::user-private page."
"/hook-admin" "Should be admin only."})
(def mock-app-realm "mock-app-realm")
(def missles-fired? (atom false))
(defn- json-response
(-> (json/generate-string x)
(resp/content-type "application/json")))
(defn- api-call
(json-response {:data value}))
(defn- admin-hook-authorized-fn
(page-bodies (:uri request)))
(hooke/add-hook #'admin-hook-authorized-fn
(partial friend/authorize-hook #{::admin}))
(defroutes ^{:private true} user-routes
(GET "/account" request (page-bodies (:uri request)))
(GET "/private-page" request (page-bodies (:uri request))))
(defroutes ^{:private true} mock-app*
;;;;; ANON
(GET "/" request (page-bodies (:uri request)))
(GET "/login" request (page-bodies (:uri request)))
(GET "/free-api" request (api-call 99))
(friend/logout (ANY "/logout" request (resp/redirect "/")))
(GET "/echo-roles" request (friend/authenticated
(-> (friend/current-authentication request)
(select-keys [:roles])
;;;;; session integrity
(GET "/session-value" request
(-> request :session :session-value resp/response))
(POST "/session-value" request
(let [value (-> request :params :value)]
(-> value
(assoc :session (assoc (:session request)
:session-value value)))))
;;;;; USER
(compojure/context "/user" request (friend/wrap-authorize user-routes #{::user} ))
;;;;; ADMIN
(GET "/admin" request (friend/authorize #{::admin}
(page-bodies (:uri request))))
(GET "/hook-admin" request (admin-hook-authorized-fn request))
(GET "/fire-missles" request (friend/authorize #{::admin}
{:response-msg "403 message thrown with unauthorized stone"}
(reset! missles-fired? "shouldn't happen")))
;; FIN
(route/not-found "404"))
(defroutes api-routes
;;;;; API
(GET "/auth-api" request
(friend/authorize #{:api} (api-call :authorized)))
(GET "/anon" request (api-call :anon))
(GET "/requires-authentication" request
(friend/authenticated (api-call :authenticated))))
(def users {"root" {:username "root"
:password (creds/hash-bcrypt "admin_password")
:roles #{::admin}}
"root-fn-role" {:username "root-fn-role"
:password (creds/hash-bcrypt "admin_password")
:roles (constantly #{::admin})}
"jane" {:username "jane"
:password (creds/hash-bcrypt "user_password")
:roles #{::user}}})
(derive ::admin ::user)
(def api-users {"api-key" {:username "api-key"
:password (creds/hash-bcrypt "api-pass")
:roles #{:api}}})
(def mock-app
(-> mock-app*
{:credential-fn (partial creds/bcrypt-credential-fn users)
:unauthorized-handler #(if-let [msg (-> % ::friend/authorization-failure :response-msg)]
{:status 403 :body msg}
(#'friend/default-unauthorized-handler %))
:workflows [(workflows/interactive-form)]})
(def api-app
{:allow-anon? true
:unauthenticated-handler #(workflows/http-basic-deny mock-app-realm %)
:workflows [(workflows/http-basic
:credential-fn (partial creds/bcrypt-credential-fn api-users)
:realm mock-app-realm)]})))
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