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Switching from friend 0.2.0 to 0.2.1 in friend-ui breaks friend-ui #113

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I am developing on friend-ui ( and when I switch to the new version of friend, fire up my server, then my requests to the server return "null" and chrome shows this error message:

Resource interpreted as Document but transferred with MIME type application/json: "http://localhost:3000/".

There is no stacktrace and if someone has an idea how to provide one I would be happy.

You can find my route definitions here:

User settings can be found here:

And this is how I use them in my application:

(defn add-secured-route [route]  (friend/authenticate route user/friend-settings))

(def app
           ;; add your application routes here
            [(add-secured-route user-routes)
;...adding more routes]
           ;; add custom middleware here
           :middleware [
           ;; add access rules here
           :access-rules []
           ;; serialize/deserialize the following data formats
           ;; available formats:
           ;; :json :json-kw :yaml :yaml-kw :edn :yaml-in-html
           :formats [:json-kw :edn]))

It seems like there are two problems here. I am using a luminus generated website.

  1. I wrapped single route definitions into (friend/authenticate routes friend-settings). Which are then parsed by the luminus provided middleware wrappers.
    If I wrap the whole luminus app definition into friend/authenticate I can load my webpage. However, there seems to be a middleware missing in luminus.

  2. Missing middleware in luminus (could not find out which one) which causes POST requests to lack parameters. When I wrap all routes together into one routes defintion:

(defroutes allroutes
           (friend-routes (lweb-friend/FrienduiStorageImpl))
(def app

And load them with compojure.handler/site I got it all working.

So from my point of view it can be closed, as I got it working. However, the fact that a simple minor version change can break existing usages of friend could make this worth to remain opened and fixed.


compojure.handler/site only adds a set of standard Ring middlewares, some of which Friend definitely requires (as noted in the README).

Perhaps you changed the version of Luminous you were using at the same time you changed Friend's version, and the former stopped including certain standard Ring middlewares?


I missed that section about the required middleware. Thank you, I guess that will solve my problem number two.

But number one still remains (maybe I just used friend in the wrong way).
I set up a standard luminus webproject, added friend 0.2.0. Configured it as basic as possible and the webapp works.
Now, when I switch to 0.2.1 (only change I made) it stops working.

You can clone this webapp here: There is nothing new inside it besides friend and all the stuff happens in handler.clj (besides the version change -> project.clj).


I have what looks like a related issue in my web app, and one also exhibited by the 'clean' friendversion project shared by @sveri above.

Basically switching from 0.2.0 to 0.2.1 broke serving of static files (css / js in the example).

git bisect suggests this commit introduced the relevant change in behaviour: 41a99e5

Specifically the update-in on line 251.

What happens there is when response is empty, which seems to happen for static files etc, update-in will now replace it with a map ({:friend/ensure-identity-request nil}), this then affects downstream behaviour.

Putting a (when response ...) around the update-in restores previous behaviour for affected files.

Hope this makes sense?


I have been bitten by the same incompatibility. The problem is that compojure.core/routes macro tries to call handlers one by one until some of them returns a truthy value.

The change introduced in 0.2.1 changes nil value wrapped by friend/authenticate from nil to {}. That means that no other routes are tested for a match.

The extra (when response) clause as suggested above would fix the issue.


Happy to send a pull request later, or open to better suggestions (we prob don't want conditionals starting to spring up in multiple places to work around the behaviour change introduced in 0.2.1?)

@u-phoria u-phoria referenced this issue from a commit in u-phoria/friend
@u-phoria u-phoria Fix for issue #113 - stop update-in response from returning {}, being…
… truthy this stops compojure.core/routes from testing other routes for a match and breaks serving of static files
@u-phoria u-phoria referenced this issue from a commit in u-phoria/friend
@u-phoria u-phoria Fixes #113 - stop update-in response from returning {}, being truthy …
…this stops compojure.core/routes from testing other routes for a match and breaks serving of static files
@u-phoria u-phoria referenced this issue from a commit in u-phoria/friend
@u-phoria u-phoria Do not return {} (truthy) since this stops other routes from being ev…
…aluated (fixes #113)

Yes, please submit a PR.


Thanks - covered by PR #115

@cemerick cemerick closed this in bad7825
@cemerick cemerick added this to the 0.2.2 milestone
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