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+## [Pomegranate]( changelog
+### `0.2.0`
+_This release contains breaking changes from `0.1.3`_, though it's expected
+that the affected APIs are rarely used.
+**Dynamic classpath support (`cemerick.pomegranate`)**
+* The `URLClasspath` protocol has been removed in favor of using
+ [dynapath]('s `DynamicClasspath`
+protocol. (gh-43) *breaking change*
+* `classloader-hierarchy` now starts at the current thread context classloader
+ instead of Clojure's "baseLoader". *breaking change*
+* New `resources` and `classloader-resources` fns for determining from which
+ classloader(s) a given resource is available (gh-48)
+**Aether API (`cemerick.pomegranate.aether` and friends)**
+* `install-artifacts` and `deploy-artifacts` are now generalized to operate
+ over multiple files (vs. the prior assumptions re: an artifact + a POM)
+* `resolve-dependencies*` now available that returns the bare Aether results of
+ dependency resolution, _sans_ Clojure-friendly graphification (gh-50)
+* `resolve-dependencies`, `install-artifacts`, and `deploy-artifacts` now
+ accept an optional `:repository-session-fn` to potentially modify the Aether
+`RespositorySystemSession` prior to its use (gh-56)
@@ -15,7 +15,7 @@ Insofar as most useful Clojure libraries have dependencies, any reasonable imple
Pomegranate is available in Maven central. Add it to your Leiningen `project.clj`:
-[com.cemerick/pomegranate "0.0.13"]
+[com.cemerick/pomegranate "0.2.0"]
or to your Maven project's `pom.xml`:
@@ -24,7 +24,7 @@ or to your Maven project's `pom.xml`:
- <version>0.0.13</version>
+ <version>0.2.0</version>
@@ -94,6 +94,10 @@ abstractions and conventions.
* tests; there's halfway decent coverage, but nowhere near the kind of comprehensive combinatorial testing that maven dependency resolution demands
+## Changelog
+See the `` file at the top level of the repo.
## Need Help?
Ping `cemerick` on freenode irc or twitter if you have questions
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