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@@ -60,6 +60,13 @@ Now you can analyze and chart away, Incanter having been added to your runtime.
The arguments to `add-dependencies` look like Leiningen-style notation, and they are.
+Please note that **there are a number of scenarios in which `add-dependencies` will not work, or
+will not work as you'd expect**. Many of these are due to the nature of JVM classloaders
+(e.g. adding jars containing conflicting versions of a particular dependency will rarely
+end well), which Pomegranate does not currently attempt to hide. Thus, `add-classpath` and
+`add-dependencies` should be considered escape hatches to be used when necessary, rather than
+a regular part of your development workflow.
## Status of Aether support
Pomegranate is being used by [Leiningen v2.x]( as

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