Deploying over wagon-http does not send checksums #25

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While exploring what it would take add standard http deploy ability to clojars I found out that wagon-http fails to send checksum files. A bug report is at, and it was fixed in 2.1.

If wagon-http is bumped to 2.1 then checksums are sent but a spurious println was included

If wagon-http is bumped to 2.2, with or without the shaded classifier, then things fail with

Exception in thread "pool-1-thread-1" java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: org.apache.maven.wagon.shared.http4.AbstractHttpClientWagon.getReadTimeout()I

It looks like this version is what is used in maven 3.0.4, so I'll probably spend some more time tracking down what is happening here.

Another possibility is to use aether-connector-async similar to aether-connector-file. This allows removing wagon-http and will send checksums. However, it brings in slf4j and a non-trivial amount of dependencies, and will throw a NPE when creating a transfer-event and there was not an exception.


I've got http-wagon 2.2 to work. Looks like it was an issue with aether-connector-wagon pulling in an old version of wagon-connector-api. I'll make a pull request with dependency changes to fix this issue soon.

@cemerick cemerick pushed a commit that closed this issue Apr 23, 2012
@xeqi xeqi Move to latest versions of dependencies
Gets fix from so checksums
can be sent to http repositories
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lein2 deploy doesn't create checksums #581


I am getting the same exception with wagon 2.4.


@reiz Perhaps you have a mismatched set of dependencies? e.g. using Leiningen 2.2.0 deploys checksums as expected.


@cemerick It's fixed. I just updated my Maven and that fixed the problem. Always good to stay up-to-date ;-)

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