Expose DependencyResult from resolve-dependencies #50

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xeqi commented Feb 2, 2013

I'd like to be able to error when there is a version range. This could be done by passing a DependencyVisitor to the (.getRoot result) of resolve-dependencies. Unfortunately resolve-dependencies turns that into a map and discards the data I want.

Ref: technomancy/leiningen#734


cemerick commented Feb 7, 2013

Would it be suitable for the bulk of resolve-dependencies to move to resolve-dependencies*, and return the unvarnished DependencyResult or CollectResult? resolve-dependencies would thus delegate to that fn, and do the .getRoot, dependency-graph dance.


xeqi commented Feb 7, 2013

That was my initial thought. There is not really a good spot to separate them anywhere else.

cemerick closed this in f71f012 Feb 20, 2013


cemerick commented Feb 20, 2013

That should do it. If you can, let me know if that's suitable. Aiming to do an 0.2.0 release later this week or early next.


xeqi commented Feb 21, 2013

I spent some time with this and unfortunately found some cases where checking the DependencyResult's info was insufficient. I'll open a new issue to discuss some changes that will allow me to check for version ranges, with example code that verifies it works.


cemerick commented Feb 21, 2013

Unfortunate, but exposing the underlying resolution result objects is a fine change anyway, so I'll not revert it.


michaelklishin commented Feb 27, 2013

@cemerick was 0.2.0 released after all?


cemerick commented Feb 27, 2013

Haven't gotten to it yet. 0.1.4-SNAPSHOT contains all of the changes that will land in 0.2.0, if you're looking for something to use now.

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