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A fitter, happier, more productive REPL for Clojure.

Improvements over the existing REPL that comes in clojure.jar

  • A number of readline commands, some not available in earlier JLine versions:
    • navigation to the start/end of lines, and forward/back by word
    • history navigation and search
    • and much much more
  • CTRL-C:
    • kills the currently running command, breaks out of infinite loops, etc.
    • doesn't bail out of the process - stops interruption-friendly operations
  • Code completion for:
    • Clojure vars and namespaces
    • Clojure namespace-qualified vars
    • Java classes, packages
    • Java package-qualified classes, static methods
  • ClojureDocs support via a clojuredocs command
  • Optional nREPL integration


I'm hoping this will eventually be distributed with Russ Olsen's excellent dejour, and perhaps also with Phil Hagelberg's leiningen.

Meantime (assuming you have leiningen installed):

git clone
cd reply
lein deps, compile


Run bin/ This will get friendlier for non-Cygwin Windows users.

And if you want to really live the high life:

ln -s /path/to/reply/bin/ ~/bin/reply

If you want additional stuff on the classpath, you can set $USER_CP. For instance:

USER_CP=`lein classpath` reply

Examples of fancy options:

Launch in nREPL mode:

$ reply

Standalone execution (no nREPL):

$ reply --standalone

Skip all the bells-and-whistles initialization and provide your own:

$ reply --skip-default-init -e '(println "OHAI WORLD")'

For details on the latest and greatest:

$ reply --help


Thanks to the developers of Clojure, JLine, nREPL, clojure-complete, ClojureDocs, and clojuredocs-client, for their work on the excellent projects that this project depends upon.

Special thanks to 8th Light for allowing me to work on this during our open-source Friday afternoons.


Copyright (C) 2011-2012 Colin Jones

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License, the same as Clojure. See the LICENSE file for details.