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Allow nil query values #14

vincentjames501 opened this Issue Jun 17, 2014 · 2 comments

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First I'd like to say awesome project! We have a project using Stripes and we are trying to parse a referrer header using cemerick. The issue here is that this is a valid url and should be parsed as such.

(url "http://localhost/icmobile/actions/User.action?listAllPageShow=")
=> IllegalArgumentException No value supplied for key: listAllPageShow

I think we should adjust the internal query->map function as follows:

(defn- augment 
    (if (= 1 (count query-vector))
        [(first query-vector) nil]

(defn- query->map
  (when qstr
    (-?>> (.split qstr "&")
      (mapcat #(.split % "="))
      (map url-decode)
      (apply hash-map))))

such that the output is now:

(url "http://localhost/icmobile/actions/User.action?listAllPageShow=abc")
=> #cemerick.url.URL{:protocol "http", :username nil, :password nil, :host "localhost", :port -1, :path "/icmobile/actions/User.action", :query {"listAllPageShow" "abc"}, :anchor nil}
(url "http://localhost/icmobile/actions/User.action?listAllPageShow=")
=> #cemerick.url.URL{:protocol "http", :username nil, :password nil, :host "localhost", :port -1, :path "/icmobile/actions/User.action", :query {"listAllPageShow" nil}, :anchor nil}

I'm not a Clojure expert which is why I'm not submitting this as a pull request. If you feel this is acceptable, I'd be happy to submit a pull request.


Looks reasonable. PR welcome.


Closing as this looks to be resolved in 0.1.1, I was using an older version.

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