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Emerson Design, Inc.

Official Projects

Gridley™ The Image Grid Generator

Small but powerful Windows app that generates one image grid from multiple images.
Website | Facebook Page

Super POTUS Trump™

Mini-game tribute to President Trump
Trailer Video | Windows Version | iPad Version | Facebook Page

Christmas Cards

Illustrated Christmas cards
Cards Website


iOS app to save your place in long YouTube videos!
App Store | Facebook Page

Wooden Clock

Simple old-fashioned clock app for iPad
App Store | Facebook Page

President Trump Google Doodles

Free Chrome extension to make Google Doodles Great Again!
Install Link | Facebook Page


A small, fast Flickr photo explorer web app (prev. Chrome App)
Web Version | Chrome Version* (* Google may discontinue soon)

Older Projects

Kana Cards HD

iOS app to help learn Japanese Hiragana! | App Store


iPhone app to help create and save color palettes | Facebook Page

Minecraft Mods

Contact Info