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Marwav! The multiple aspect ration web app viewer
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Horribly out of date/buggy atm ... :(


The multiple aspect ratio web app viewer.

This is just a hack/means of viewing a local or online web app in an assortment of device sizes all at once on one browser (Chrome) page to avoid hitting ALT-TAB a million times a day. There are various Chrome extensions that let you view a site in a specifically-sized browser window, but I wanted a page that let me view and fix multiple devices at the same time. In a perfect world I'd have preferred to use some magic mirroring technology to keep the page load/CPU burden lighter - but for now this is really just a glorified stack of iframe windows.


Current device sizes integrated:

  • iPad
  • iPhone 3GS
  • iPhone 5
  • Nexus One
  • Galaxy Nexus
  • Galaxy S 3/4

Other Notes

  • Can use http:// or file:/// URLs
  • Works great with Chrome DevTools Autosave :)
  • Uses to link to the source JS/CSS files (so you only need the html file for now).
  • After first use the URL, scale and device checkbox settings will be saved to and loaded from localStorage
  • This thing does have capacity to eat up fair amount of RAM/CPU - but most modern dev machines should be fine
  • The "Rotate" button is very basic - may quirk out sometimes.
  • The "Scale" pulldown/feature is pretty buggy. My advice - only use if you feel like trying to finish/fix the feature.

Consider this thing in super alpha state! A developer testing tool only for now ...


Screenshot 1

Screenshot 2


If anyone knows of something more fleshed-out/formal that does this same kind of thing please post a comment in the Issues area to let me know (or ping me on Twitter @emerson_chris). Thanks

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