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If you encountering an issue with Natural Scrolling, you should open a new issue with debugging output.

In order to do it, you have to follow those instructions in order to be sure to execute the latest version



sudo apt-get install git python-gobject, python-appindicator, python-gtk2, python-gconf, python-pyudev

Fetch code sources

The first time

First choose a place where you want to put the source code. Let say you want to use a Developments folder in your home:

cd ~
mkdir Developments
cd Developments/

Fetching sources

If you didn't already done this, install git. For Ubuntu users you can do it very easily by installing the Git package. (You can also use a terminal, and execute sudo apt-get install git)

Now clone the repository (fetch sources) to this Developments folder

git clone git://github.com/cemmanouilidis/naturalscrolling.git

Now you should have a new folder named naturalscrolling with the latest version of the sources.

Test the application

From sources

To test it, go into the folder, and execute bin/naturalscrolling:

cd naturalscrolling

By installing it

To install it locally use the the python setup script:

sudo python setup.py install --prefix=/usr/local

Debugging output

If you just have to execute the Debugger, without testing anything just do those lines:

cd /tmp
git clone git://github.com/cemmanouilidis/naturalscrolling.git
cd naturalscrolling
./bin/naturalscrolling -d

Then copy/past the output in a new Gist

Finally you can clean your machine:

cd ~
rm -rf /tmp/naturalscrolling