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DTSharp is a .net decision tree learning library.
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DTSharp is a .net decision tree learning library. It uses a specialized algorithm like ID3 and C4.5 to generate a decision tree. Its capabilities are listed below:

  • Pruning with depth,data count,output probability,
  • Can use any split qualifiers (like GiniImpurity,InformationGain,Entropy)
  • Can use both discrete and continious features
  • Uses Iqueryble data sources.
  • Can use Entity Framework as a data source (Transfers processing load to db)
  • Easy usage with lambda expressions


   var dtl = DecisionTreeLearning<PatientRecord>.Create<int>(x => x.Cancer ? 1 : 0, new DecisionTreeOptions());
    dtl.AddContiniousFeature("Age", x => x.Age);
    dtl.AddContiniousFeature("Height", x => x.Height);
    dtl.AddContiniousFeature("Weight", x => x.Weight);
    dtl.AddDiscreteFeature("Smoke", x => x.Smoke ? 1 : 0);
    var decisionTree = dtl.Learn(data);


  • Xml Serializable Nodes
  • Regression Tree Learning
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