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Experimental wave synthesis library
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WaveSharp is a experimental .net library for synthesizing waves. It is designed to be easy to use and has quite a different usage from usual libraries. It uses lazy evaluation to generate waves and apply sound effects.


  • Clip
  • Delay
  • Echo
  • Low Pass Filter
  • High Pass Filter
  • Band Pass Filter
  • Moog Filter
  • Reverb
  • Mask


Generate 1KHz Sinus Wave

//A wave is a infinite valued enumeration. Its values are calculated on realtime.
var sinus = new Sinus(1000);

Apply Reverb on a Wave

var reverb = wave ^ new Reverb(1,0.8);

Generate C3 Tone

var sinus = new Sinus(Note.C3.Frequency());

Create a melody

// melody object is a wave of frequencies. 
var notePerSecond=  4;
var melody = new Melody(notePerSecond, new Note[0]
        .Concat(new Note[] { Note.D4s, Note.G4, Note.A4s, Note.D5, Note.D5s, Note.G5, Note.D5s, Note.D5 }.Loop(2))
        .Concat(new Note[] { Note.C4, Note.D4s, Note.G4, Note.A4s, Note.C5, Note.G4, Note.D4s, Note.G4 }.Loop(2))
        .Concat(new Note[] { Note.G3s, Note.C4, Note.D4s, Note.G4, Note.G4s, Note.G4, Note.G4s, Note.G4 }.Loop(2))
        .Concat(new Note[] { Note.F3, Note.A4s, Note.D4, Note.F4, Note.A5s, Note.D5, Note.F5, Note.D5 }.Loop(2))
// It needs to be converted to a speficic form of wave.
var wave = new Sinus(melody);
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