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Customisable and editable time table grid for showing midi or audio related data with a measure.


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  • Swift 5.0+
  • iOS 9.0+


pod 'MIDITimeTableView'


  • Easy to implement, Delegate/DataSource API similar to UITableView and UICollectionView.
  • Unlimited rows and cells.
  • Cells and Row Headers are fully customisable. You can show any UIView inside them.
  • Shows bar measure (optional).
  • Shows editable playhead that shows current time (optional).
  • Pinch to zoom in/out. (optional).
  • Edit single cell or multiple cells.
  • Drag them around to change row or position.
  • Drag them from right edge to change duration.
  • Long press any cell to show customisable menu.
  • Holds history with a customisable limit and make undo/redo (optional).
  • Customise grid and show bar, beat and subbeat lines with any style (optional).


Create a MIDITimeTableView either programmatically or from storyboard and implement its MIDITimeTableViewDataSource and MIDITimeTableViewDelegate methods.

You need a data object to store each row and its cells data.

var rowData: [MIDITimeTableRowData] = [
    cells: [
      MIDITimeTableCellData(data: "C7", position: 0, duration: 4),
      MIDITimeTableCellData(data: "Dm7", position: 4, duration: 4),
      MIDITimeTableCellData(data: "G7b5", position: 8, duration: 4),
      MIDITimeTableCellData(data: "C7", position: 12, duration: 4),
    headerCellView: HeaderCellView(title: "Chords"),
    cellView: { cellData in
      let title = as? String ?? ""
      return CellView(title: title)

MIDITimeTableViewDataSource is very likely to UITableViewDataSource or UICollectionViewDataSource API. Just feed the row data, number of rows, time signature and you are ready to go.

func numberOfRows(in midiTimeTableView: MIDITimeTableView) -> Int {
  return rowData.count

func timeSignature(of midiTimeTableView: MIDITimeTableView) -> MIDITimeTableTimeSignature {
  return MIDITimeTableTimeSignature(beats: 4, noteValue: .quarter)

func midiTimeTableView(_ midiTimeTableView: MIDITimeTableView, rowAt index: Int) -> MIDITimeTableRowData {
  let row = rowData[index]
  return row

You can customise the measure bar, the grid, each header and data cell. Check out the example project.

MIDITimeTableCellView's are editable, you can move around them on the grid, resize their duration or long press to open a delete menu. Also, you need to subclass yourself to present your own data on it.

You can set the minMeasureWidth and maxMeasureWidth to set zoom levels of the time table.


Full documentation are here.


This library used in my app ChordBud, check it out!

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Customisable and editable time table grid for showing midi or audio related data with a measure.








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