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Management bot for DotA and CG leagues
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Major refactor was done prior to the public release but there are still some areas with "bad code" which accumulated from the early days. We will take care of these in due time.

Guard is a bnet chat bot based on ghost++ for managing DotA and CG leagues. It takes care of channel management, player warns and bans, player level access, delegating game hosting to ghost++ hostbots and collecting game stats. It also includes a challenge system for professional DotA gaming. You can use guard for channel management only or connect 1 or more slaves which act as game hosts, see bnet-host project. The number of slaves determines how many games can be in lobby simultaneously.

Supported operating systems


Build tools

You need cmake and either clang, gcc or visualc++ build chain to build the project.

CMake custom variables

Enable clang experimental lifetime checks.




cmake -G "Unix Makefiles" -H./ -B./build
cd build


cmake -G "Visual Studio 14 2015" -H./ -B./build
# now open .sln file in build directory, build from Visual Studio

Enable verbose builds with -DCMAKE_VERBOSE_MAKEFILE:BOOL=ON


bnet-guard depends on:
-udpserver.dll (win only)

Dependency installation on Linux

apt-get install build-essential libboost-filesystem-dev libboost-system-dev libboost-thread-dev libboost-chrono-dev libboost-date-time-dev libmysqlclient-dev

For bncsutil see the bncsutil GitHub repo.

If your dependencies are in some other directory, expand your $PATH variable with all the locations, for example:

export PATH=/home/me/3rdparty/bncsutil/include:/home/me/3rdparty/bncsutil/lib:/home/me/3rdparty/mysql/include:/home/me/3rdparty/mysql/lib:/home/me/3rdparty/boost/include:/home/me/3rdparty/boost/lib:$PATH

Dependency installation on Windows

Some dependency binaries are already included in the repo for convenience but you are encouraged to build/install your own.

Either get binary releases which include headers from the respective projects or build them from source (recommended). In addition to standard install paths, CMake is configured to traverse the following directories:


MySQL c connector
Boost - You only need to build the following components: filesystem, system, thread, chrono, date-time



Create tables in MySQL database using the mysql_create_tables.sql script.

Prepare to run

Put the guard binary and guard.cfg in the same folder. Change guard.cfg as needed, then run with ./guard or in screen screen -dmS guard ./guard.

You need a valid bnet account which the bot will use to connect to the specified realm. You can then command the bot from channel or by whispering. Use help for full list of commands (e.g. /w myguard !help).

Bot account should have channel OP for some functionality to work (safelist, kick, ban etc).


Bot can be put in public mode, public for specific country or private (whitelist), depending on what kind of DotA league you want to operate. In public mode, all players can use the bot to host the games. In private mode, each player needs to be approved by league managers.

Private mode is achieved by bot_defaultautolvl = 0.
Public mode is achieved by bot_defaultautolvl = 1.

Further, you can restrict communities by country. See guard.cfg for more. Public games and challenge (private) game ladders are completely separate.

Player levels

0 - player is banned
1 - regular player
2 - low lvl captain
3 - high lvl captain
4 - voucher
5 - admin
6 - hostbot

Each level has progressively more access to guard commands.

Guard commands

Format <comman trigger><command name> <params...>

Level 5 - admin

refreshicons - forces icon system refresh. Gives server icons according to stats.

delgamelist - forcefully clears the game list (locally)

fix - refreshes ban info from db and unbans players

news - enables or disables printing of news

icontimer | it - prints time until icon refresh

delgame <gameId> - deletes game from the list

annmail <text> - sends mass mail to all players

clricons - removes all given icons

com <number> <on | off | print> - enables, disables or prints the status of command number, !com 70 print

maxgames | mg - prints number of created games

cal - calculates ranks on private and public ladder

refresh <infos | mails | warns | bans | cfg | icons | all> - refresh internal memory from db, refreshes config, icon system or php site

rootonly - locks commands so only root can run them

erasewarn <player> - removes warn form player

addhostbot <account> - makes into a hostbot (changes level to 6)

delhostbot <account> - removes hostbot status from <account>

tempop <player> - makes player a temp OP in channel

chat - enables or disables allowance of chat bots in channel

mepro - if you are root admin adds you as lvl 5 admin. Use after first run and empty database.

delinfo <player> - removes player from db

say <text> - say something

channel <channel> - move guard to a channel

exit | quit [all] - shutdown guard. If all is specified, tells hostbots to also shut down.

slap - sends a send-slap whisper to all users

Level 4 - voucher


fmslap <text> - sends a (send-slap): whisper to all users

clrobs - clears observer slots

delrmk - delete rmk pool

clrslots - clears player slots

start <hbname> - starts game hosted by

unhostall - unhosts all games

autospam <seconds> - set timer for slot availability spam. Set to 0 to disable.

privgoby <hbname> - host a private game by

chacc <oldaccount> <newaccount> - changes player account (to transfer stats)

icons - prints current icon list

flames - prints flame list

addflame <flame> - adds flame to the flame list

delflames - deletes all flames

showm - prints muted users

mute <player> [reason] - mutes a player, optional reason

unmute <player> - unmutes a player

wtg <text> - mass message

delwarn <player> - removes warnings from player

warns - prints number of warns

kickall - kicks all from channel

mod | moderate - moderates the channel

v | voice <player> - voices player in channel

dev | devoice <player> - devoices player in channel

sayingames <text> - say something via hostbots in-game

t | topic <text> - set channel topic

an | announce [seconds] [text] - with no parameters disables or enables announcement, with parameters sets inerval and text to announce

hostbots - prints hostbot information

minfo | MessageInfo - prints users who are ignoring mass messages

ginfo - prints information about all users in db

tt | ttopic [text] - sets new temp topic o removes it if parameter not set

minslots <1-10> - set minimum amount of slots before game can be made public

hold <player> [reason] - hold a slot for a player, optional reason

idle | afk | finger [player] - kicks afk-ers from channel. If parameter is given, prints the time the player has been afk.

addban | ban <player> [reason] - bans a player

channel - prints info abut users in channel

lvl [player | 1-6] -prints your or player's level or players at specified level

clvl <player> - changes player's level. Only root can clvl 6. Only lvl 5 can clvl 0.

cm <country> - sends mass message to players from country

msg | fm <text> - send a mass message

addinfo <player> <reason> - adds player+s general info to database

warn <player> [reason] - warns a player

cban [fix] - prints channel ban info, unbans expired if param present

cban <player> <hours> <reason> - bans player from channel

cbandel | delcban - unbans player from channel

from [player] - prints from information for you or player

kick <player> [reason] - kicks player from channel




dbstatus - prints db status

delban | unban <player>

Level 3 -high lvl captain

No specific commands.

Level 2 - low lvl captain

gormk | rmkgo - remakes the game

msg | fm <text> - mass message

spam - spams challenge status to online users

challenge | chal | c [player] - starts a challenge. This is the main command for starting competitive games. Challenge must then be accepted by someone or by the player you challenged. The sign phase then begins where players sign into the game, followed by a pick phase.

Level 1 - regular player

unhost - unhost your game

dm | delmap - delete current map pick

ml | maplist - prints map list

obs [obs | ref] - enables or disables obs on a map, enables or disables ref

map <map> - loads map

hbots - prints hostbot info

inform - prints general league info

where <player> - prints player's location

mailbox - prints your mailbox

delmail <id> - deletes mail from mailbox

mail <player> <text> - send "mail" to player. These are like in-game persistent messages you can read from guard.

pub <game name> - host a public game

priv <game name> - host a private game

root - print root admin

users - prints online users

ggs | games - prints active games

gn | getnames <game id> - print player names in game

gg | ggames [game id] - prints information about active game(s)

userson - gather information about current online suer activity

rank <1-N> - prints name of the player at specified rank, !rank 1

find <country> [substring] - find players that come form country and optionally match

find <substring> - find players that match

ex - extends challenge timer by 5 minutes

ss | safelisted - prints number of safelisted users

top - prints top ladder players

gopriv | privgo [game name] - host a private non-ladder (not ranked) game

gopub | pubgo [game name] - host a public non-ladder (not ranked) game

info [player] - prints your or player info

s | stats [player] - prints your or player stats

sd | statsdota - prints your DotA stats

ki | killer - prints DotA kill stats information

fa | farmer - prints DotA farmer information

version - prints guard version

Challenge commands

refuse - refuse a challenge

a | accept - accept a challenge. This starts a challenge and layers need to !sign into the game.

cs | challengers - prints the names of the challenger and the challenged

pool - prints player pool of players who signed

res - reserve a slot. Once 10 players reserve, game will automatically be started. This is alternative way to host a professional game as opposed to direct challenge being issued.

sign [obs] - sign up for the challenge

out - sign out of the challenge

mode [cm | cd] - vote for DotA play mode. Leave empty to remove your vote.

startpick - starts the pick phase once the pool is full

pick <r | rand | player> - as captain, pick a player for your team

go - start the game after pick phase

abort - abort challenge

slots | teams | reserves - prints slot information of current challenge

Level 6 - hostbot

addinfo <data> - updates plaeyr stats info

addnames <data> - add player names with slots

ag <data> - add game

ban <data> - ban player

cban <victim> - channel ban




country <data> - update player country information

delgame <gameId> - delete game


handshake - sends handshake back to the hostbot

hbstate <data> - reports current hostbot state to the guard

mail <text> - mails text to guard admins


pg <data> - add game to game list


rmk <data>

say <text> - say something in chat

ugn <data> - update game name

ugo <data> - update game owner

ugs -update game state

ugsl <data> - update game slots

ugt <gameId> - update game time

Icon system

If guard account has sufficient realm access, it can set icons to players depending on their rank. This way the rank of the player is visually represented inside the channel. Icon system needs to be enabled in the configuration file and works automatically.

RPM and DEB repos

RPM and DEB packages will be available once the code is completely cleaned up.

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