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Censored Planet Observatory

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This respository contains documentation about the raw data from the Censored Planet Observatory and includes code to analyze the data and run several useful observations.

Analysis (analyze-cp)

Example analysis tool to parse the raw data files on the Censored Planet Observatory Website. Currently, only analysis for quack-v1, hyperquack-v1, and satellite-v1 data is supported. v2 support is coming soon. The analysis tool converts raw data into digestible CSV files that contain aggregates of data at the country level. User is prompted to choose the type of output.

analyze-cp can be compiled using the makefile in the analysis directory or by using go build in analysis/cmd/. analysis-cp needs two REQUIRED inputs (tar.gz file downloaded from Censored Planet Observatory Website and Maxmind GeoLite2-City.mmdb file downloaded from the Maxmind Website).

analyze-cp has the following flags:

--input-file, REQUIRED, "Input tar.gz file (downloaded from"
--output-file, Default - output.csv, "Output CSV file"
--mmdb-file, REQUIRED,  "Maxmind Geolocation MMDB file (Download from"
--satellitev1-html-file, OPTIONAL, Default - "", "JSON file that contains HTML responses for detecting blockpages from satellitev1 resolved IP addresses. The JSON file should have the following fields: 1) ip (resolved ip from satellitev1 that is marked as an anomaly), query (query performed by satellitev1), body (HTML body). If unspecified, the blockpage matching process will be skipped."
--log-file, Default - '-'(STDERR), "file name for logging"
--verbosity, Default - 3, "level of log detail (increasing from 0-5)"


The documentation is available in the docs directory and it is hosted here.

Before generating the document, you must run pip install sphinx.

To generate the document, run make html in the docs directory. The html files will be in the _build subdirectory.


Take a look at the Censored Planet CCS paper and the rest of our publications and reports for in-depth details about how Censored Planet works.


Please use the following bibtex to refer to Censored Planet:

title ={Censored Planet: An Internet-Wide, Longitudinal Censorship Observatory},
author ={Sundara Raman, Ram and Shenoy, Prerana and Kohls, Katharina and Ensafi, Roya},
booktitle={In ACM SIGSAC Conference on Computer and Communications Security (CCS)},


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