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The Census Protocol

A block chain distributed application for transferring digital goods

2015 Drafts


Census Protocol is a Type I DApp with a customized block chain that is dedicated to keeping, transferring, and expiring digital items. The main use case detailed in most documents currently is that of only holding ‘tickets’ for events and items, but the design and implementation is targeted to being extended to all digital items, such as in-game items, software keys, and other ephemeral artifacts that are produced by a community. Once submitted to the blockchain, those artifacts continue to exist with the creator’s restrictions, and can continue to exist far beyond the creators or the creating body’s existence.

The implementation allows the creation of multiple bazaars and exchanges on top of the blockchain itself. Each bazaar or exchange on the blockchain can transparently move property across borders and currencies.

Census is not built or intended as a Bitcoin replacement, but rather a complementary protocol.

The protocol itself is owned by and controlled by a foundation, which is controlled fairly by developers, corporate sponsors, and the community as a whole. There is no single company, developer, or closely knit group that will control the protocol as adoption rises.


  • Able to handle many different data types and items
  • Near instant local coin base exchanges on a single bazaar
  • Double signing - items signed by authors and also by venues or applications to ensure items are real and value
  • Built in protection from transaction malleability, dusting, and other DOS attacks
  • A pool-free protocol - reducing chances of a 51% attack
  • ‘Broken arrow’ protection - items can only be sent to a valid, existing address
  • No hard-fork protocol - the internal structure is not in a binary format, so obsolete nodes that suit their purpose (an appliance of some sort) can run eternally so long as its functionality is available

Intentions and Goals

Part of the manifesto for Census Protocol is to remove the middleman from most creative activities and fairly pay creators and those adding value, rather than those who happen to have a virtual monopoly. ‘Media’ means ‘things in the middle’ in Latin - and the purpose of Census Protocol is to remove the ‘middle’ from creative transactions. Everyone is paid fairly - but it is not possible to mark up tickets to 100% of the face price in fees if the creator does not allow this. Users can easily determine if an item is valid and can easily buy those items on the block chain with zero risk.

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