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Paradise PHP Photo Gallery

Frequently Asked Questions

1) What kind of images should I upload?

For best results, upload JPG images that are at least 1,200 pixels wide or tall. The file size of each image must be less then 2 MB in size. Crop off any borders or frames as Paradise automatically adds a border.

2) Can images be rearranged or deleted?

Yes. From the Administrator Console, place your pointer over the lower left-hand corner of any of the gray image boxes to reveal the up, down, and delete buttons.

3) Does each image have its own URL?

Yes. From the Gallery, place your pointer over the image caption to reveal the link icon, which takes you to the web page showcasing that specific image.

It is a good idea to have captions and descriptions for each image so that search engines have text to index with the image. For example, see the first search result for:

4) Is my password send over the internet in clear text?

No. The sign in page for the Administrator Console performs a one-way encryption* of your password before submitting it to the server. The server never sees your actual password. It only sees a generated code like:

Your images are public, but your password remains a secret.

*Salted SHA-256 cryptographic hash

5) How do I reset my password?

If you forget your password, FTP into your server and delete the accounts-db.json file (note: this will remove all user accounts). Paradise will automatically regenerate the file so you can re-enter new sign in credentials.

The file is inside a folder named secure-{CODE} where {CODE} is a long number used to hide the folder for security reasons.

Example path to accounts DB file:


Immediately after deleting accounts-db.json, visit:

Replace in the above link with your actual domain name. You will be prompted to enter new sign in credentials.

See: Issue #20

6) What if my question is not on this FAQ list?

Just post your question as a New issue at:

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