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Add SEO tags to Elgg site
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Adds meta name titles, description, keywords and other SEO tags to your site. It takes excerpts or parts of the description of the content combined with some information of the Author.

Also helpfull with sharing content to other social networks, since it generates Open Graph definitions dynamically, which are used by FB, LinkedIN and Google+

There are three plugin settings. A title and description for the main page, which also be used if no dynamic metatags can be determined, becaue the user did not provide enough information. The plugin makes suggestions for that, but don't rely on that solely.

There is also a setting for static profile picture URL's. Default ELGG creates dynamic photo URL's. My experience is that with default ELGG, Google messes up the profiles with the avatars belonging to it . So it is recommended to use. Especially if you use external caching like Cloudflare, it will offload your site. If you don't it has a negative effect on performance.

The plugin has been tested with Google, Yandex, Baidu and Bing. They do take over the meta tags generated by this plugin. One remark, Google makes lots of exceptions on description and neglects keywords, because it determines the description also based on what the google user actually typed in the google search bar. We do not have control over that and there is no way to influence this.


  • Drop the plugin in /mod

  • Enable it in plugins

  • Go to settings and filll in the details.

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