Deprecated SMS 2FA-authentication for Redmine. Please use
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Redmine SMS Auth

This plugin is deprecated. Please use

Plugin adds SMS-authentication to Redmine. Plugin compatible with Redmine 2.0.x and higher.

Please help us make this plugin better telling us of any issues you'll face using it. We are ready to answer all your questions regarding this plugin.

Some notes

When you use SMS-authentication user should pass two steps: standard password checking and sms-password confirmation.

If user's mobile phone is blank, plugin authenticates him with password checking only.

When you create new user you should set user's password with 'Internal' authentication mode, save, change authentication mode to 'SMS'. Otherwise user will be created without password. You can use same way for user's password changing. User can change his password by himself too.

Because there are many sms-gateways with different API, the responsibility on sending sms-message falls to external command. It can be any shell script or command like curl, e.g.


%{phone} and %{password} are placeholders. They will be replaced with actual data during runtime. Default command is echo %{phone} %{password}.

Default password length is 4.


All rake commands must be run with correct RAILS_ENV variable, e.g.

RAILS_ENV=production rake redmine:plugins:migrate


  1. Stop redmine

  2. Clone repository to your redmine/plugins directory

git clone git://
  1. Run migration
rake redmine:plugins:migrate
  1. Add command for sms sending (and optionally password length) to configuration.yml
        command: 'echo %{phone} %{password}'
        password_length: 5
  1. Run redmine

  2. Set 'Authentication mode' to 'SMS' for each user (Administration - Users)

  3. (Optionally) Set mobile phone number for each user. Also user can set number for himself.


  1. Set 'Authentication mode' to 'Internal' for each user (Administration - Users)

  2. Stop redmine.

  3. Remove 'sms_auth' section from configuration.yml

  4. Rollback migration

rake redmine:plugins:migrate VERSION=0 NAME=redmine_sms_auth
  1. Remove plugin directory from your redmine/plugins directory


Work on this plugin was fully funded by