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Blesta "ISPAPI" Registrar Module

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This repository covers the Blesta Registrar Module by HEXONET. This module integrates seamlessly with Blesta, providing a comprehensive suite of features for efficient domain management and sales.


  • Automated TLD Identification: Fully automates the identification and configuration of TLDs, streamlining setup and reducing manual input.
  • Manual Renewals: Allows manual renewal of domains directly from the Blesta admin panel, offering greater control and flexibility.
  • Domain Transfers: Facilitates domain transfers, including specific handling for TLDs requiring auth codes (e.g., .nz, .fi).
  • Nameserver Management: Simplifies nameserver management with easy-to-use interfaces and recent patches for improved stability.
  • Expiry Date Management: Ensures accurate management of domain expiry dates using the PHP Date format.
  • Enhanced Security and Stability: Regular updates and patches to enhance security and operational stability.
  • DNS Management: Comprehensive DNS management capabilities, including adding, updating, and deleting DNS records.
  • Email Forwarding: Supports configuration of email forwarding services for domains.
  • ID Protection: Offers options for domain ID protection, locking, and auth code retrieval.
  • DNSSEC Support: Integrates DNSSEC for enhanced domain security.
  • Custom Nameservers: Allows the setup and management of custom nameserver hosts.


Download the latest version of the module from the link below and follow the detailed documentation for installation and usage instructions.


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This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the LICENSE file for details.

For more information, visit HEXONET GmbH.