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A scaffold template for creating Lungo-Angular-Phonegap apps with grunt-init
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A scaffold template for Lungo-Angular-Phonegap

Setup (recommended)

If you run Linux or Mac OS X you can run the following command in your terminal to install the dependencies:

curl | bash

which will install grunt-cli, grunt-init, nvm, node.js (+npm) (v 0.10) and this template for you. The tools have the following purposes:

  • nvm: Node Version Manager - allows you to easily install multiple versions of node.js and switch between them (think of rbenv or rvm in Ruby)
  • node.js / npm: Node.js / Node Package Manager - the Javascript runtime for our development tools and its package manager (think of gem in Ruby)
  • grunt-cli: The CLI part of Grunt - Grunt is a build tool that automates tasks like ant, make or rake
  • grunt-init: The scaffold generator - Grunt-Init allows you to install templates with wizards and scaffolds to speed up the setup process for new projects.

After running, you should be able to run

nvm use 0.10.20

and see something like this:

Running "init" task
A valid init template name must be specified.

Available templates
 lungo-angular-bridge  Creates a new Lungo-Angular-Phonegap application

Templates that exist in the /Users/martin.naumann/.grunt-init directory may be
run with "grunt-init TEMPLATE". Templates that exist in another location may be
run with "grunt-init /path/to/TEMPLATE". A template is a directory that must
contain, at the very minimum, a template.js file.

For more information, see

notice the line that says lungo-angular-bridge below Available templates. If you see this line, you can proceed to the Create a new app section

Manual Setup

Install grunt-init:

$ npm install -g grunt-init

Clone this repository into your ~/.grunt-init folder

$ git clone ~/.grunt-init/lungo-angular-bridge

Create a new app

Now you can create a new project by creating an empty directory and run grunt-init with the template, like this:

 $ mkdir demo && cd demo
 $ grunt-init lungo-angular-bridge

after answering all the questions (you may skip the phonegap related questions, if you're not going to use (yet)), you need to install the dependencies by running

 $ npm install
 $ node_modules/bower/bin/bower install

and you're done.

Test your fresh app by running a webserver in the project directory, for example via

 $ grunt serve

and then point your browser at http://localhost:8000

Deploy your app

We offer two modes of deployment: A local build method and the service method.

Build with

This is the easiest way possible - you don't need to have anything installed on your computer. The downside is: It may take some time and doesn't work with all plugins - but it's great to get started!

This is how you get your app on your phone:

  1. You sign up at
  2. You create a private app (you have one for free) and upload some .zip file (any file will do for now)
  3. You copy the "App ID" that is displayed next to your new app
  4. You enter it in your Gruntfile.js or during the initial creation of the project when you're asked for it
  5. You run grunt and it will try to build you app using the build service.
  6. Install your app by going to in your browser and click on your app. Use the QR code to install the app on your phone.

Build locally

This method requires some setup on your computer - especially the SDKs for the platforms you want to support need to be installed. You'll also need cordova to be installed - to get it on your system, run npm install -g cordova.

Having your computer set up with the SDK and cordova, you run

grunt prepare-local-build local-build

and get your app executable from mobile/platforms/<PLATFORM NAME>/bin/, for example mobile/platforms/android/bin/HelloWorld-debug.apk.

You then deploy to your device using the tools from the SDK of that platform. Note: You only need to run prepare-local-build once.

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