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📝 Lightweight student testing system compatible with IMS QTI
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EzTest (easy test)

A lightweight student testing system compatible with IMS QTI 2.1. Released under the MIT license.

This project will contain bugs, as it was created as a final year project.


  • Modern PHP, versions 5.6 and up
  • On versions lower than PHP7, extensions OpenSSL or mcrypt must be enabled
  • Composer
  • MySQL database
  • Web server, such as apache or nginx
  • Configured sendmail daemon or SMTP server to send emails to students


1. Install dependancies

Run composer install command in the root folder of the project.

2. Import the database scheme

It is recommended to create a new locked down user and a new database for use with this system. After that is done, import the install/database.sql file into your database.

3. Edit the configuration

Edit src/Config.php file to configure database and email settings. This configuration file straight forward and contains most basic settings, such as public system name, database and mail settings.

4. Configure the web server

www folder must be the only folder that can be accessed over the web. Protect everything else.


Make sure AllowOverride is on for your directory, or put www/.htaccess rules in httpd.conf


location / {
	try_files $uri $uri/ /index.php?$args;
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