Centreon is a network, system, applicative supervision and monitoring tool
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Centreon - IT and Application monitoring software


Centreon is one of the most flexible and powerful monitoring softwares on the market; it is absolutely free and Open Souce (released under GNU General Public License version 2, see LICENSE file).

This software requires Centreon Engine and Centreon Broker to be operational.

Quick links

Download / Install

The fastest way to install up-to-date software from Centreon is to use our Centreon Enterprise Server Linux distribution, which comes with our software already packaged.

Latest source releases can be retrieved from Centreon download center. They can be installed by following the online installation guide.

Bug report / Feature request

Bug reports and feature requests are more than welcome. However if you wish to open a new issue, please read this page first.


Project leaders

  • Julien Mathis
  • Romain Le Merlus

Dev team

  • Lionel Assepo
  • Maximilien Bersoult
  • Kevin Duret
  • Toufik Mechouet
  • Rabaa Ridene
  • Remi Werquin
  • Quentin Garnier