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Check configuration

This part describes the configuration of the Centreon Web.


If you use plugin-packs and have installed ces-packs-applications-selenium and ces-plugins-applications-selenium, please ignore these steps. You can directly use App-Selenium-WAA host template and check "Create service linked to template".

Command configuration

The command is configured in the "Configuration > Commands > Checks". To add a new command, click on the Add link.

We complete the form with the following information:

  • Command Name : App-Selenium-Scenario
  • Command Type : Check
  • Command Line : $USER1$/ --plugin apps::selenium::plugin --mode scenario --selenium-hostname $_HOSTSELENIUMHOST$ --selenium-port $_HOSTSELENIUMPORT$ --directory $_HOSTSCENARIODIR$ --scenario $_SERVICESCENARIONAME$ --timeout $_SERVICETIMEOUT$ --warning $_SERVICEWARNING$ --critical $_SERVICECRITICAL$


Service template configuration

To facilitate the service configuration, we configure a service template.

The service template is configured in the Configuration => Services => Templates* to add a new service template, click on the **Add link.

We complete the form with the following information:

  • Alias : Scenario-Selenium
  • Service Template Name : App-Selenium-Scenario-WAA
  • Template Service Model : generic-service
  • Check Command : App-Selenium-Scenario

Define the following macros:



Host configuration

Add a new Host through Configuration => Hosts => Add.

Specify hostname, alias, IP address and select generic-host template. You must define following macros:

  • SCENARIODIR = /var/lib/centreon_waa [Local directory containing scenario]
  • SELENIUMHOST = [Set the IP Address of your Selenium server]
  • SELENIUMPORT = 4444 [Change according to your configuration]

You can create a host template if you want, as in the screenshot below:


Service configuration

The service is configured in the "Configuration > Services > Service by hosts" to add a new service, click on the Add link.

We complete the form with the following information:

  • Description : Scenario01 : The service name
  • Service template : App-Selenium-Scenario-WAA
  • The macro SCENARIONAME to specify the test associated to this service (you can override some of the macro defined in the service template if you want).