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Protobuf files & go bindings for Centrifuge Documents. These define the document schema exchanged by nodes on the P2P network.

When editing these specs please note the following:

  • Never reuse the protobuf field numbers. As per the protobuf standard a field number should only be used once and marked as reserved when they are not in use anymore.
  • Never have your field start with XXX_, those are used for internal fields in Go and will be ignored by precise proofs.
  • While technically this is not a requirement, it's not recommended to use the same field names across the CoreDocument and other messages.
  • Fields that are essential and shared among all documents belong into CoreDocument, fields specific to the document type belong into invoice, po etc.

Getting help: Head over to our developer documentation at to learn how to setup a node and interact with it. If you have any questions, feel free to join our slack channel

DISCLAIMER: The code released here presents a very early alpha version that should not be used in production and has not been audited. Use this at your own risk.

How to commit

Make sure you run the make before committing to make sure the generated files are up to date:

# To install dependencies and generate files
make all
# To just generate files
make gen_proto


$ make help
usage: make [target] ...

help                 Show this help message.
install              Install dependencies required to generate bindings & documentation
vendorinstall        Installs all protobuf dependencies with go-vendorinstall
lint                 runs prototool lint
proto-gen-go         generates the go bindings
proto-all            runs prototool all

Making sure all dependencies are installed

Install dependencies

make install

Quick intro to prototool

We are using prototool to lint or protobuf files and build our go stubs.

Helpful commands

Below a few helpful commands:

# To lint your files:
prototool lint

# To build the go stubs:
prototool gen-go