Framework7 - Vue - Webpack Cordova Template with Webpack Dev Server and Hot Module Replacement
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Framework7 - Vue - Webpack Cordova Template

You can start your new cordova project perfectly with this template.

This template uses:

Minimum Requirements

  • Cordova: 6.0.0
  • Node.js: 6.5.0 (Supports ES6)


Hooks are smart. They can fix some problems for you. Fix list:

  • npm install Automatically checks node js dependencies.
  • package.json Renames name variable if it has a space characters and auto saves. (It needed for npm install)
  • www Automatically manages www folder. You don't need to think about www folder. Your target is always src folder.
  • CordovaHtmlOutputPlugin Automatically adds cordova.js to html. You don't need to add to your file manually. It's helpful for webpack.
  • manifest.json Some cordova plugins needs manifest.json in root folder. If you add manifest.json file to your src folder, our smart hooks automagically copy it to www folder!
Live Reload Related
  • config.xml Live reload needs <allow-navigation href="*"/> in development mode. So our smart hooks manages this too. You don't need to think about it.
  • live-reload Manages live-reload dependencies automatically. Just write your code, and don't think about dependencies.
  • device_router.html Smart router in live-reload mode. It searches for best available ip for connect server. if it can't find, you can write ip:port manually.
  • CordovaDeviceRouter.js In live-reload mode, you can connect to server from multiple devices. This file inject right cordova.js file to page. So you can connect to webpack-dev-server from multiple devices at same time.


This template need cordova or phonegap, for more information cordova installation or phonegap installation.

Our Magic words:

cordova create <project_create_dir> [com.example.projectname] [ProjectClassName] --template cordova-template-framework7-vue-webpack
phonegap create <project_create_dir> [com.example.projectname] [ProjectClassName] --template cordova-template-framework7-vue-webpack

boom! 💥 you have your brand new cordova / phonegap project with framework7 - vue 2 and webpack 2!

such a wow!


You can use every cordova | phonegap commands. You just have one more command option: -- --lr. It starts live reload.

Example usage:

cordova run android -- --lr
cordova run browser -- --live-reload
phonegap run ios -- --lr

And 🎉 that's all folks!

You can check:

for more information.