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Module Generator for Centurion

This module can be used to make a reverse engineering of your SGBD, and pregenerate some file :

  • a dir in application/modules
  • a Bootstrap class
  • all dir structure (configs, data, controllers, models, formst, view ...)

For each object (ie table) the module find, it will create a :

  • an admin controller
  • a front controller
  • some view for admin controller
  • some view for front controller
  • a table class
  • a row class
  • a form model

It's actually designed to help you in first step of creation of a new module. It will no help you (currently) to update an existing module.


  • Your SGBD must be a MYSQL server and your table engine must be inoodb.
  • You must specified foreign key in your SGBD
  • Some columns must have specific name :
    • id: for pk columns
    • \_id*: for foreign key columns
    • \_at*: for date columns
    • is_\* or canbe_*: for boolean columns
    • slug: for slug columns
    • created_at: for date creation of the row
    • updated_at: for date modification of the row

How to use it?

  • Design you DB in your SGBD
  • Add this modules to your application/modules path
  • Open you application/configs/modules.ini, activate the generator module
  • Go to: http://myproject.local/generator/
  • Select the module that you want to pregenerate

Commons errors

  • If you try to generate an existing module, problem could appear.


  • Better use Zend_CodeGenerator_*
  • Improve code quality
  • Allow update of a module (new table)
  • Allow update of a table in an existing module (new columns)
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