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How use the trait SEO

Trait SEO gives your business objects the ability to support additional fields "Meta / Seo" to use in the meta tags in the HTML rendering.

This trait has been designed to limit the impact in your business code and to ease its use : You must only add some traits on your classes for "Rows" and "DbTable models" and, if you are using "Centurion_Form_Model", on your forms classes.

Implementing the trait SEO on your Business objects :

###Configure your installation (Mandatory) : You must define the list of types of meta available in your application (like "keywords", "description", "fg", ...). This list is defined by using the configuration key "seo.meta.types[]".

Like this :

            seo.meta.types[] = "description"
            seo.meta.types[] = "keywords"

###On your DbTable Model classes (Mandatory) : You must add the trait Seo_Traits_Model_DbTable_Interface.

With this trait, you must define the public method getFieldsToGenerateMeta(). This method is called automatically by the trait SEO to generate SEO's content when there are empty from the row's content. It must return an array as :

            'meta type name' => set_of_fields

The set_of_fields must be an array of fields of the current row. (They must be "Specials Gets"). If you want apply a specific processing some fields, please define the field name as key, and the method callback as the value, like this :

            'meta type name' => array(
                'teaser'        => array('MySeoClass', 'Keywordizer'),
                'description'   => array('MySeoClass', 'Keywordizer')

####Here is an example implementation of this method

            public function getFieldsToGenerateMeta(){
                return array(
                    Seo_Traits_Model_DbTable_Interface::META_KEYWORDS => array(
                        'teaser' => array('BusinessInflector', 'Keywordizer')
                    Seo_Traits_Model_DbTable_Interface::META_DESCRIPTION => array(

####Customize the list of meta fields available for this model By default, the list of available meta types are defined in the configuration by "seo.meta.types[]". But, you can customize this list for a model by overwriting the public method "getDefinedMeta()". This method must return an array of string like this :

            public function getDefinedMeta(){
                return array('keywords');

###On your Row classes (Mandatory) : All your rows class get by previous models must implement the trait Seo_Traits_Model_DbTable_Row_Interface. There are not methods to implement. This trait provides two new public methods :

  • saveMetas(array()) : This method accepts an array as array("meta type" => "value") to define meta of the current row
  • getMetaRowset() : Return the set of defined metas for the current row. If some metas are not available, there are automatically generated by the trait at the first call.

###On your Form classes (Optional) : If you want generate automatically fields in your form to manage Meta fields for your objects, you can add the trait Seo_Traits_Form_Model_Interface. This trait is only available for Centurion_Form_Model_Abstract forms.

This trait generates automatically textarea fields to manage Meta of yours business objects and save value in yours objects.

####On your CRUD classes (Optional) : If you use the previous trait on your forms, you can also add the trait on your CRUD : Seo_Traits_Controller_CRUD_Interface to place Meta's fields in a special Grid group, before buttons in the form (If you are using the Grid of the module Admin).

Use the trait SEO in a Multi-website context :

You can use the trait SEO in a multi-website context. To do this, you must only defining a website adapter to pass to the trait SEO. Your website adapter must implements the interface Seo_Model_Website_Interface and returns an uniq integer id for each website when its method getWebsiteId() is called.

To register your adapter, you must call the static method Seo_Model_DbTable_Meta::registerWebsiteAdapter($adapter). To unregister your adapter, you must pass null to this method.

How use Object's meta in your HTML Stream :

Your application is not able to find automatically the main object in yours views to retrieve its meta and populate HTML's metas ; you must declare them in your controllers.

To do it, you must use the public method or you Centurion_Controller_Action : definingMainObject(). The trait SEO intercepts this signal to use metas of your main objects to populate Meta variables in the view.