PocketCHIP home screen: shows status, opens programs, changes settings
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pocket-home freedesktop launcher

I'm working on building a proper application launcher from pocket-home marshmallow that follows the freedesktop standard. Built-in application management is currently lacking, but there a lot more options you can tweak in ~/.pocket-home/config.json. Menu example

How to install

Building from sources

1. Required Packages

 sudo apt-get install \
 git \
 build-essential \
 libasound2-dev \
 libx11-dev \
 libxrandr-dev \
 libxcursor-dev \
 libxft-dev \
 libxinerama-dev \
 libnm-glib-dev \
 network-manager-dev \
 libi2c-dev \
 libssl-dev \

2. Cloning and building

  git clone --recursive https://github.com/centuryglass/PocketCHIP-pocket-home.git
  make devinstall
  sudo systemctl restart lightdm

3. Updating

  git pull
  git submodule update
  make devinstall
  sudo systemctl restart lightdm