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fixed expiring shard bug, shardInfo was reading the wrong schema from…

… SI for local shards
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commit 14dece46be45615d104a1996cf15a01e67c22ee3 1 parent 5dda037
@ceocoder authored
Showing with 1 addition and 1 deletion.
  1. +1 −1  src/lucandra/cluster/
2  src/lucandra/cluster/
@@ -239,7 +239,7 @@ private ShardInfo getShardInfo(String indexName, boolean force) throws IOExcepti
// goto each shard and get local offset
cmd = new SliceFromReadCommand(CassandraUtils.keySpace, CassandraUtils.hashKeyBytes((indexName
- + "~" + shardStr).getBytes("UTF-8"), CassandraUtils.delimeterBytes, "shards"
+ ).getBytes("UTF-8"), CassandraUtils.delimeterBytes, "shards"
.getBytes("UTF-8")), new ColumnParent(CassandraUtils.schemaInfoColumnFamily),
ByteBufferUtil.EMPTY_BYTE_BUFFER, ByteBufferUtil.EMPTY_BYTE_BUFFER, false, 100);
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