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diff = auto
status = auto
branch = auto
br = branch -v
co = checkout
ci = commit
di = diff
st = status
# Show the commits and content in this branch
showbr = log --pretty=oneline trunk..
showallbr = log -U trunk ..
# Change the HEAD commit message to the template and edit
amd = !git commit --amend -eF `git config commit.template`
# Safe remove all branches reachable from HEAD. Good way to GC old branches after dcommit/rebase
gcbr = !git branch --no-track --no-color --merged | sed 's/[ *]*//' | xargs -n1 git branch -d &> /dev/null || exit 0
# Spellcheck your commit message
aspell = !git log --pretty=format:%s%n%n%b -n1 > /tmp/aspell.txt && aspell -c /tmp/aspell.txt && git commit --amend -F /tmp/aspell.txt
# Commit changes to current head as amended commit
plus = commit --amend -a -C HEAD
# Commit changes on *top* of current head as a checkpoint commit
cp = commit -am 'cp'
# Grep with color and line numbers
gr = grep --color -n
# Colorized git blame
bl = ! $@
# Search javascript for a variable/function definition
jsdef = !sh -c 'git grep -e "function\\\\W+$1\\\\W" --or -e "function\\\\W*/\\\\*.*\\\\*/\\\\W*$1\\\\W" --or -e "\\\\W$1\\\\W*[=:]" -- *.js' -
followparent = true
# Dear god, please change these if you borrow my gitconfig
# name = Replace with your name
# email = Replace with your email
# Show a log of '56 minutes ago' rather than 'November 12, 2008 12:34:53'
date = relative
default = tracking
# Use only for black background terminal
[color "branch"]
current = yellow reverse
local = yellow
remote = green
[color "diff"]
plain = white
meta = yellow bold
frag = magenta bold
old = red bold
new = green bold
whitespace = red blink
[color "status"]
added = yellow
changed = green
untracked = cyan
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