Snake game written in x86 assembly language for DOS, ad 2004.
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This is yet another clone of the legendary Snake game.


I created this one in 2004 in pure x86 assembly language for DOS operating system and can be run in DosBox nowadays. It is a 16bit retro game and should run on anything newer than ancient Intel 80186 processor. Graphics is displayed using a very old 13H mode with 320x200 pixel with a custom colour palette and screen buffering. Fonts are displayed using the BIOS builtin glyphs available in system memory. Sprites and pictures were created with another custom program that converted them to a byte array representation.

How to compile it?

The compiled version is in the repo so you can skip this point and simply run it in DosBox, however if you want to try building it yourself do this:

  • Install NASM compiler, on Ubuntu you can simply run:
apt-get install nasm
  • Compile snake.asm to
nasm -o -fbin snake.asm

How to run it?

  • First you need to clone this repo or download to a folder.
  • Next you need to install DosBox, on Ubuntu just run:
apt-get install dosbox
  • Next run DosBox and mount directory where is located
mount c path/to/snake/folder
  • Now you can start
  • Use keyboard arrows (Up, Down, Left, Right) to drive the snake
  • ESC quits the game
  • A print about
  • P pause the game



This code is protected by the Beerware license :P