Wordpress + Docker + Vagrant boilerplate for development
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Wordpress Boilerplate

This repo contains a simple boilerplate for Wordpress development including:

  • Vagrant environment
  • Docker compose setup
  • Basic MySQL installation
  • Basic Wordpress installation
  • Nginx configuration

Build and run VM environment

You will need Vagrant to create the environment, additionally you need to install the hosts-updater plugin.

vagrant install plugin vagrant-hostsupdater
vagrant up
vagrant ssh

Build and run Docker

docker compose build
docker compose up -d
docker compose logs -f

Create database for Wordpress

echo "DROP DATABASE IF EXISTS wordpress" | docker exec -it mysql mysql -u root -p'secret'
echo "CREATE DATABASE wordpress" | docker exec -i mysql mysql -u root -p'secret'
echo "GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES on wordpress.* to wordpress@'%' IDENTIFIED BY 'wordpress'" | docker exec -i mysql mysql -u root -p'secret'

Open Wordpress in a browser

Once the environment and Docker are built, simply go to: http://wordpress.dev to setup Wordpress.

Where is my data?

The docker-compose.yml contains the following volumes to persist data:

  • /srv/wordpress-boilerplate/mysql/data - MySQL database
  • /srv/wordpress-boilerplate/wordpress/wp-content - Wordpress content, uploads, themes, etc