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Ansible playbooks to deploy Ceph, the distributed filesystem.
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dsavineau and guits tox: set extras vars for filestore-to-bluestore
The ansible extra variables aren't set with the ansible-playbook
command running the filestore-to-bluestore playbook.

Signed-off-by: Dimitri Savineau <>
Latest commit a27290b Jan 27, 2020
Type Name Latest commit message Commit time
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.github stalebot: decrease daysUntilStale parameter Sep 30, 2019
contrib remove ceph restapi references Jun 18, 2019
docs docs: Correct weird wording Aug 1, 2019
group_vars common: add a default value for ceph_directories_mode Jan 22, 2020
infrastructure-playbooks filestore-to-bluestore: fix undefine osd_fsid_list Jan 28, 2020
library ceph_volume: support filestore to bluestore migration Jan 8, 2020
plugins ipaddrs_in_ranges: fix python indent Oct 28, 2019
profiles Common: Add profiles Jul 19, 2017
roles fix calls to `container_exec_cmd` in ceph-osd role Jan 27, 2020
tests tests: add 'all_in_one' scenario Jan 27, 2020
.gitignore remove ceph-agent role and references Jun 3, 2019
.mergify.yml mergify: disable automerge on backport Oct 9, 2019
.travis.yml travis: drop python2 support Jan 15, 2020 doc: update backport section Aug 14, 2019
LICENSE Add Ceph Playbook Mar 3, 2014
Makefile Fixes for Makefile Nov 8, 2019 rgw multisite: add more than 1 rgw to the master or secondary zone Apr 6, 2019
README.rst Update Documentation example link to 3.0 Feb 7, 2018
Vagrantfile tests: revert vagrant_variable file name detection Nov 25, 2019
ansible.cfg ansible.cfg: do not enforce PreferredAuthentications Dec 9, 2019 Remove validate action and notario dependency Oct 15, 2019
dashboard.yml ceph-facts: move grafana fact to dedicated file Jan 13, 2020
dummy-ansible-hosts Fix Travis Jan 21, 2015 Add role definitions of ceph-rgw-loadbalancer Jun 6, 2019
raw_install_python.yml install python-xml on SUSE/openSUSE only if python2 is installed Sep 27, 2019
requirements.txt Remove validate action and notario dependency Oct 15, 2019
rhcs_edits.txt rhcs: set ceph_iscsi_config_dev to false Oct 22, 2019
site-container.yml.sample site-container: don't skip ceph-container-common Jan 23, 2020
site-docker.yml.sample site: symlink site-docker to site-container Nov 27, 2018
site.yml.sample playbooks: show cluster status after dashboard Oct 18, 2019
test.yml Remove spurious ceph. prefix for roles path in test.yml Jan 11, 2019
tox-docker2podman.ini tests: add a docker2podman scenario Jan 10, 2020
tox-filestore_to_bluestore.ini tox: set extras vars for filestore-to-bluestore Jan 28, 2020
tox-podman.ini common: add centos8 support Jan 8, 2020
tox-update.ini tox: use instead of vagrant up Jan 15, 2020
tox.ini tests: add 'all_in_one' scenario Jan 27, 2020
vagrant_variables.yml.sample Fix units and add ability to have a dedicated instance Jun 10, 2019


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