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@leseb leseb released this Oct 12, 2018 · 367 commits to stable-3.2 since this release


9fccffa switch: allow switch big clusters (more than 99 osds)
31a0438 ceph_volume: refactor
d2ca24e tests: do not install lvm2 on atomic host
90c66a5 ci: test lvm in containerized
05afaed doc: improve osd configuration section
bfe6890 osd: do not run when lvm scenario
2bea8d8 handler: add support for ceph-volume containerized restart
790f52f ceph-handler: change osd container check
0735d39 tests: osd adjust osd name
0580328 validate: add warning for ceph-disk
a948677 osd: ceph-volume activate, just pass the OSD_ID
5f35910 osd: change unit template for ceph-volume container
ece9e98 osd: do not use expose_partitions on lvm
e39fc4f ceph_volume: add container support for batch command
3ddcc9a ceph_volume: try to get ride of the dummy container
aa2c1b2 ceph-osd: ceph-volume container support

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