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doc: release notes for v12.0.3 (dev) #15090

merged 2 commits into from May 19, 2017


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theanalyst commented May 15, 2017

release notes from v12.0.2 upto bd58423
also cleaned up the pending release notes to add the entry from 12.0.2

@theanalyst theanalyst requested review from jcsp, liewegas and jdurgin and removed request for jcsp May 15, 2017

@theanalyst theanalyst changed the title from doc: release notes for v12.0.3 to doc: release notes for v12.0.3 (dev) May 15, 2017

@theanalyst theanalyst requested review from yehudasa, tchaikov and dillaman May 15, 2017


jcsp approved these changes May 15, 2017


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theanalyst commented May 17, 2017

addign the diff to current luminous branch

@@ -50,6 +50,7 @@ Notable Changes
 * build/ops: dmclock: initial commit of dmclock QoS library (`pr#14330 <>`_, J. Eric Ivancich)
 * build/ops: init-ceph: add ceph libraries path to environment (`pr#14693 <>`_, Mohamad Gebai)
 * build/ops: init-ceph: should have a space before "]" (`pr#14796 <>`_, Kefu Chai)
+* build/ops: merge v12.0.2 release tag (`pr#15091 <>`_, Jenkins Build Slave User)
 * build/ops,mgr: debian/ceph-base.dirs: create bootstrap-mgr dirs (`pr#14838 <>`_, Sage Weil)
 * build/ops,mon: mon/ConfigKeyService: add 'config-key dump' to show keys and vals (`pr#14858 <>`_, Dan Mick)
 * build/ops,performance,rbd: byteorder: use gcc intrinsics for byteswap (`pr#15012 <>`_, Kefu Chai)
@@ -66,8 +67,10 @@ Notable Changes
 * cephfs: client: getattr before returning quota/layout xattrs (`issue#17939 <>`_, `pr#14018 <>`_, John Spray)
 * cephfs: fs/ceph-fuse: normalize file open flags on the wire (`pr#14822 <>`_, Jan Fajerski)
 * cephfs: mds/ Don't evict a slow client if... (`issue#17855 <>`_, `pr#12935 <>`_, Michal Jarzabek)
+* cephfs: osdc/Filer: truncate large file party by party (`issue#19755 <>`_, `pr#14769 <>`_, "Yan, Zheng")
 * cephfs: osdc: remove journaler_allow_split_entries option (`issue#19691 <>`_, `pr#14636 <>`_, John Spray)
 * cephfs,performance: client: make seeky readdir more efficiency (`issue#19306 <>`_, `pr#14317 <>`_, "Yan, Zheng")
+* cephfs: qa/cephfs: Fix for test_data_scan (`issue#19893 <>`_, `pr#15094 <>`_, Douglas Fuller)
 * cephfs: qa/suites/fs: reserve more space for mds in full tests (`issue#19891 <>`_, `pr#15026 <>`_, "Yan, Zheng")
 * cephfs,tests: qa: silence spurious insufficient standby health warnings (`pr#15035 <>`_, Patrick Donnelly)
 * cephfs,tests: qa: Tidy up fs/ suite (`pr#14575 <>`_, John Spray)
@@ -143,6 +146,7 @@ Notable Changes
 * doc: mailmap: update organization info (`pr#14747 <>`_, liuchang0812)
 * doc: mailmap: V12.0.1 credits (`pr#14479 <>`_, M Ranga Swami Reddy)
 * doc: mailmap: Weibing Zhang mailmap affiliation (`pr#15076 <>`_, Weibing Zhang)
+* doc: mailmap: ztczll affiliation (`pr#15079 <>`_, zhanglei)
 * doc: mention teuthology-worker security group (`pr#14748 <>`_, Nathan Cutler)
 * doc: peoplemap: add pdonnell alias (`pr#14352 <>`_, Patrick Donnelly)
 * doc: remove deprecated subcommand in man/8/ceph.rst (`pr#14928 <>`_, Drunkard Zhang)
@@ -163,6 +167,7 @@ Notable Changes
 * librbd: minor fixes for image trash move (`pr#14834 <>`_, runsisi)
 * librbd: remove redundant check for image id emptiness (`pr#14830 <>`_, runsisi)
 * librbd: silence -Wunused-variable warning (`pr#14953 <>`_, Kefu Chai)
+* mds: add perf counters for file system operations (`pr#14938 <>`_, Michael Sevilla)
 * mds: change_attr++ and set ctime for set_vxattr (`issue#19583 <>`_, `pr#14726 <>`_, Patrick Donnelly)
 * mds: fix mantle script to not fail for last rank (`issue#19589 <>`_, `pr#14704 <>`_, Patrick Donnelly)
 * mds: fix use-after-free in Locker::file_update_finish() (`issue#19828 <>`_, `pr#14991 <>`_, "Yan, Zheng")
@@ -171,6 +176,7 @@ Notable Changes
 * mds: remove boost::pool usage and use tcmalloc directly (`issue#18425 <>`_, `pr#12792 <>`_, Zhi Zhang)
 * mds: remove "mds log" config option (`issue#18816 <>`_, `pr#14652 <>`_, John Spray)
 * mds: support export pinning on directories (`issue#17834 <>`_, `pr#14598 <>`_, "Yan, Zheng", Patrick Donnelly)
+* mds: use debug_mds for most subsys (`issue#19734 <>`_, `pr#15052 <>`_, Patrick Donnelly)
 * mgr: add machinery for python modules to send MCommands to daemons (`pr#14920 <>`_, John Spray)
 * mgr: add mgr allow * to client.admin (`pr#14864 <>`_, huanwen ren)
 * mgr: do shutdown using finisher so we can do it in the right order (`issue#19743 <>`_, `pr#14835 <>`_, Kefu Chai)
@@ -240,6 +246,7 @@ Notable Changes
 * performance: buffer, osd: add missing crc cache miss perf counter (`pr#14957 <>`_, Piotr Dałek)
 * performance: osd/ loop invariant code motion (`pr#12720 <>`_, Li Wang)
 * pybind: better error msg (`pr#14497 <>`_, Kefu Chai)
+* pybind: fix open flags calculation (`issue#19890 <>`_, `pr#15018 <>`_, "Yan, Zheng")
 * qa: qa/added overrides (`pr#14917 <>`_, Yuri Weinstein)
 * qa: qa/suite: replace reference to fs/xfs.yaml (`pr#14756 <>`_, Yehuda Sadeh)
 * qa: qa/suites/rados/singleton-bluestore: concat settings (`pr#14884 <>`_, Kefu Chai)

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theanalyst commented May 18, 2017

rebased and pushed to fix conflicts

to zero will effectively disable the health check.
* The "ceph mds tell ..." command has been removed. It is superceded
by "ceph tell mds.<id> ..."
>>>>>>> 44521c19ee... doc: PendingReleaseNotes move the 12.0.2 section of release notes

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runsisi May 19, 2017


conflict that has not been resolved?

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theanalyst May 19, 2017


thanks for catching, fixing

theanalyst added some commits May 15, 2017

doc: v12.0.3 release notes
Signed-off-by: Abhishek Lekshmanan <>
doc: PendingReleaseNotes move the 12.0.2 section of release notes
So that we can track whatever diff goes in after

Signed-off-by: Abhishek Lekshmanan <>

@liewegas liewegas merged commit 39430e9 into ceph:master May 19, 2017

3 checks passed

Signed-off-by all commits in this PR are signed
Unmodifed Submodules submodules for project are unmodified
default Build finished.
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