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mon,mgr: fix "ceph osd df", add some tools to find untested commands #15675

merged 8 commits into from Jun 15, 2017

mon: move most PGMapStatService into PGMap; rename PGMon's to PGMonSt…


Most of this is independent of the PGMonitor, so move it into
PGMap and strip out those few bits. It'll come in handy shortly
when I move "ceph osd df" into the mgr.

Signed-off-by: Greg Farnum <>
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gregsfortytwo committed Jun 9, 2017
commit b0e5225eddef47a27a25289437543f610c9633cf
@@ -26,6 +26,7 @@
#include "osd/osd_types.h"
#include "include/mempool.h"
#include <sstream>
#include "mon/PGStatService.h"

// FIXME: don't like including this here to get OSDMap::Incremental, maybe
// PGMapUpdater needs its own header.
@@ -579,4 +580,90 @@ namespace reweight {
Formatter *f);

class PGMapStatService : public PGStatService {
const PGMap& pgmap;
PGMapStatService(const PGMap& o)
: pgmap(o) {}

bool is_readable() const override { return true; }

const pool_stat_t* get_pool_stat(int poolid) const override {
auto i = pgmap.pg_pool_sum.find(poolid);
if (i != pgmap.pg_pool_sum.end()) {
return &i->second;
return nullptr;

const osd_stat_t& get_osd_sum() const override { return pgmap.osd_sum; }

const osd_stat_t *get_osd_stat(int osd) const override {
auto i = pgmap.osd_stat.find(osd);
if (i == pgmap.osd_stat.end()) {
return nullptr;
return &i->second;
const mempool::pgmap::unordered_map<int32_t,osd_stat_t>& get_osd_stat() const override {
return pgmap.osd_stat;
float get_full_ratio() const override { return pgmap.full_ratio; }
float get_nearfull_ratio() const override { return pgmap.nearfull_ratio; }

bool have_creating_pgs() const override {
return !pgmap.creating_pgs.empty();
bool is_creating_pg(pg_t pgid) const override {
return pgmap.creating_pgs.count(pgid);

epoch_t get_min_last_epoch_clean() const override {
return pgmap.get_min_last_epoch_clean();

bool have_full_osds() const override { return !pgmap.full_osds.empty(); }
bool have_nearfull_osds() const override {
return !pgmap.nearfull_osds.empty();

size_t get_num_pg_by_osd(int osd) const override {
return pgmap.get_num_pg_by_osd(osd);
ceph_statfs get_statfs() const override {
ceph_statfs statfs;
statfs.kb = pgmap.osd_sum.kb;
statfs.kb_used = pgmap.osd_sum.kb_used;
statfs.kb_avail = pgmap.osd_sum.kb_avail;
statfs.num_objects = pgmap.pg_sum.stats.sum.num_objects;
return statfs;
void print_summary(Formatter *f, ostream *out) const override {
pgmap.print_summary(f, out);
virtual void dump_info(Formatter *f) const override {
f->dump_object("pgmap", pgmap);
void dump_fs_stats(stringstream *ss,
Formatter *f,
bool verbose) const override {
pgmap.dump_fs_stats(ss, f, verbose);
void dump_pool_stats(const OSDMap& osdm, stringstream *ss, Formatter *f,
bool verbose) const override {
pgmap.dump_pool_stats_full(osdm, ss, f, verbose);

int process_pg_command(const string& prefix,
const map<string,cmd_vartype>& cmdmap,
const OSDMap& osdmap,
Formatter *f,
stringstream *ss,
bufferlist *odata) const override {
return process_pg_map_command(prefix, cmdmap, pgmap, osdmap, f, ss, odata);

@@ -1172,11 +1172,11 @@ bool PGMonitor::check_sub(Subscription *sub)
return true;

class PGMapStatService : public MonPGStatService {
class PGMonStatService : public MonPGStatService {
const PGMap& pgmap;
PGMonitor *pgmon;
PGMapStatService(const PGMap& o, PGMonitor *pgm)
PGMonStatService(const PGMap& o, PGMonitor *pgm)
: pgmap(o),
pgmon(pgm) {}

@@ -1314,7 +1314,7 @@ class PGMapStatService : public MonPGStatService {
MonPGStatService *PGMonitor::get_pg_stat_service()
if (!pgservice) {
pgservice.reset(new PGMapStatService(pg_map, this));
pgservice.reset(new PGMonStatService(pg_map, this));
return pgservice.get();
@@ -34,10 +34,11 @@ using namespace std;

class MPGStats;
class MonPGStatService;
class PGMonStatService;

class PGMonitor : public PaxosService {
PGMap pg_map;
std::unique_ptr<MonPGStatService> pgservice;
std::unique_ptr<PGMonStatService> pgservice;

bool do_delete = false; ///< propose deleting pgmap data
bool did_delete = false; ///< we already deleted pgmap data
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