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mgr / volumes: background purge queue for subvolumes #28003

merged 14 commits into from Jul 16, 2019
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Just for now


mgr / volumes: maintain connection pool for fs volumes

Right now every [sub]volume call does a connect/disconnect to the
cephfs filesystem. This is unnecessary and can be optimized by
caching the filesystem handle in a connection pool and (re)using
the handle for subsequent [sub]volume operations.

This would be useful for implementing features such as purge queue
for asynchronous subvolume deletes.

Signed-off-by: Venky Shankar <>
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vshankar committed Jun 17, 2019
commit 5c41e949af9acabd612b0644de0603e374b4b42a
@@ -33,11 +33,8 @@ class SubVolume(object):

def __init__(self, mgr, fs_name=None):
self.fs = None
self.fs_name = fs_name
self.connected = False

def __init__(self, mgr, fs_handle):
self.fs = fs_handle
self.rados = mgr.rados

def _mkdir_p(self, path, mode=0o755):
@@ -261,29 +258,8 @@ def remove_group_snapshot(self, spec, snapname, force):

### context manager routines

def connect(self):
log.debug("Connecting to cephfs...")
self.fs = cephfs.LibCephFS(rados_inst=self.rados)
log.debug("CephFS initializing...")
log.debug("CephFS mounting...")
log.debug("Connection to cephfs complete")

def disconnect(self):"disconnect")
if self.fs:
log.debug("Disconnecting cephfs...")
self.fs = None
log.debug("Disconnecting cephfs complete")

def __enter__(self):
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ajarr Jun 16, 2019


Do we need to implement the enter and exit methods anymore? Does the class Subvolume need to be a context manager?

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vshankar Jun 17, 2019

Author Contributor

It need not be -- I still kept it as it for future cases (maybe we still require some auto-fu method which would make sense via context managers).

return self

def __exit__(self, exc_type, exc_val, exc_tb):

def __del__(self):
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